Intermodal transportation, transportation of cargo to multiple points without any action onchanging the way the load is more than the transportation method of transport models. the scope of intermodal transport, special trailers for passing directly from a transport model to anotherwithout having to be removed from the trailer of the products are used.

  • It offers a premium in terms of time and guaranteed intermodal services for sensitiveloads.
  • A lower value for the owners, offer value pricing for various equipment types and serviceoptions.
  • Equipment flexibility allows the user to select the most appropriate to charge theircustomers: 20 ‘, 40’, 45 ‘containers and trailers; high-cube container offers a lot of options,including trailers and 13.60.drayage providers with timely agreements with exclusive purchase and delivery.
  • Our company technology, e-mail, fax, or via secure internet access is to monitor thedelivery of its customers to automatically report the current location and status.
  • More importantly, experienced customer service staff are consistent with the needs oftransportation programs, each shipment to ensure reliable performance are managed carefully.


Mutlimodal Transport

It can provide the international and domestic transport of Project cargo. Our company knows thebest way which can meet your needs Line. Load your project as it is sometimes necessary tosend multiple transport (rail-Sea, Air-Land, etc.). In such cases, it offers you the pros and cons ofall the options with your views after a careful study. All kinds of necessary equipment for yourdifferent loads, such as Flat Racks, Flat Beds, open top containers, tank containers can provideservices for chemical products. In this way, or perform any kind of domestic sea freight forwardingservices with your extreme.